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Chapter 1 "Rough Landing”

A spaceship with a robot on board crashes down in a field. As a result of the fall, the robot lost memory. Now you have to teach the robot everything from the very beginning! Robot’s new friend, Eli, will help you to discover all the possibilities of this guest from space.


1-7 – learn how to control the robot with the joystick
8 – "Find the difference" mini game
9-14 – an introduction to the Photon™ Draw interface
15 – the "Matching modules" mini game
16-17, 19-20 – create paths in the Photon™ Draw interface
18 – an introduction to the teleport

What can you learn in this chapter?

  • to control the robot with the joystick

  • to draw paths in the Photon™ Draw interface

  • to use actions, i.e., changing color of the ears and eyes

  • to operate and deactivate teleports

    5. A teleport is a specific field on the robot's movement path. If your robot gets on such a field, it is taken back to the beginning of the path and the task won’t be completed. To close a teleport, you need to perform a specific action on the deactivation field.
    6. The deactivation field requires you to use a specific block, e.g. changing the color of the robot’s ears. Using the correct block deactivates the teleport and the robot can move safely along the designated pat