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Chapter 10 “Reunion”

The robot and its friend fall off a snowy slope and crash in a unknown land. They damaged one of the buildings when they fell. The resident of the damaged house does not greet them with a smile. However, the robots offer to quickly repair the damage and continue the journey. Then the two robots meet several other friends and decide to set off for a new adventure together. It was only then that they realized that the shaman set up an ambush. They need to join forces to get away as the evil shaman and his monsters set traps to capture the Photon robots. Our little hero-robots must be smarter than their opponents to guarantee a happy-end to their adventure.



1-4 and 16-19 – an introduction to using the Photon™ Blocks programming interface
5 - the "Quiz" mini game
6 – revision of how to use functions and recursion in the Photon™ Badge programming interface.
7 – an introduction to using Function 1 block in the Photon™ Blocks programming interface.
8-11 – programming in Photon™ Blocks interface and using the "Function 1" block.
12 – revision of how to use functions and recursion in the Photon™ Badge programming interface.
13-14 – programming in the Photon™ Blocks interface and using the recursion function.
15 – introduction of the "Exit" block.
20 – the "The Final Game" mini game.

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What can you learn in this chapter?

  • Using the Function 1 and recursion blocks in the Photon™ Blocksinterface:

    1. Function 1 – this block's principle of operation is the same as in the other interfaces; only the location of the function's window changes - you can now switch between the main program and the function window – use the gear icon next to the yellow Start button.

    2. Recursion – calling a function by itself, loops,

  • Using the Exit block that interrupts execution of instructions in your program.