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Chapter 2 "New world"

The Photon Robot gets to a completely new world of adventures – the Miklak’s land, who need help in painting their houses. Our little traveler has a chance to give them a hand. Using the robot's super-powers, friendly Miklaks will get down to work in no time and stay the loyal friends.



1-3 – learn how to drive diagonally in the Photon™ Draw interface
4 – "Feed the monster" mini game
5-7 – learn how to mix primary colors to make other colors
8-9 – "Color Mixing" mini game
10-12 – programming in the Photon™ Draw interface
13-14 – "Finding Crystals" mini game
15-20 – introduction to and the basics of the Photon™ Badge programming interface

image-20200519-110451 image-20200602-111758 image-20200602-111758

What can you learn in this chapter?

  • the basics of the Photon™ Badge programming interface,

  • how to search for and correct errors in your program,

  • how to create paths with new directions, e.g. driving diagonally - when driving this way, remember to avoid field corners (walls) and to use complete fields - otherwise the task will not be counted as completed,

  • the principles of mixing primary colors.