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Chapter 3 "Brave friend"

The Photon Robot got into trouble – was trapped by a vicious shaman and cannot continue its journey. Edward – the robot's new friend is trying to help out. This is not the first robot's friend made during the trip through all the worlds of Photon adventure. Mother Hulda, who lives in a gingerbread house, will put the little robot to the test. She will be asking clever questions about mixing colors and results of her experiments. After completing all the tasks, the robot will have to try to reach a stone tower.



1 – "Lock picking” mini game.
2-4 – the Photon™ Badge programming interface.
5 – "Matching modules" mini game.
6 – unlocking the touch sensor.
7, 9, 11 – programming in the Photon™ Draw interface and the touch sensor implementation.
8, 10, 12 – programming in the Photon™ Badge interface and the touch sensor implementation.
13-14 – "Color checking" mini game.
15 – introduction to the Function 1.
16-19 - continue learning how to program in the Photon™ Badge interface and use Function 1.
20 – "Arrange the Stones" mini game.

image-20200519-115209 image-20200602-123159 image-20200602-123212

What can you learn in this chapter?

  • learn how to drive diagonally in the Photon™ Badge interface,

  • location and operation of the touch sensor – the touch sensor is located on the robot's head and can be activated by placing a hand on the robot's forehead,

  • the use of Function 1 (F1 block) – it is used to create more complex programs, and multiple placing of F1 block in the main code of your program allows to call out a function assigned to this block from the function’s window,

  • deactivate teleports using a touch sensor.


    Obszar roboczy 42 kopia 6 A teleport is a specific field on the robot's way. If your robot gets on such a field, it is taken back to the beginning of the path and the task won’t be completed. To close a teleport, you need to perform a specific action while you are on the deactivation field.
    image-20200604-053551 To deactivate a teleport, you need to use the touch sensor while you are on a specific field. Place a block representing the touch sensor in the appropriate place in your program, so that you need to place your hand on the robot's forehead when it reaches the specified field.