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Chapter 4 "Shaman's Tricks"

The Photon robot and Edward are coming down from the tower, but the forest down below is not looking to be safe. Lured by the sounds of music, they fall into the shaman's trap. Edward gets trapped and there is no way to rescue him. Right now, our little traveler Photon the Robot has to continue the journey alone. To reach the new, safer land, robot will need to avoid ambushes set by the shaman.



1-2 – The Photon™ Badge programming interface.
3 – "Catch the Bird" mini game.
4 – "Matching modules" mini game.
5-6 – Unlocking the Sound sensor.
7-9 – Programming in the Photon™ Draw interface and the Sound sensor implementation.
8-10 – Programming in the Photon™ Badge interface and the Sound sensor implementation.
11 – "Defend Photon" mini game.
12 – "Play musical notes" mini game.
13-16 – The Photon™ Badge programming interface - knowledge consolidation.
17 – Introduction to the Function 2.
18-19 – Continue learning how to program in the Photon™ Badge interface and use the Function 2 feature.
20 – "Jump across the river” mini game.

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What can you learn in this chapter?

  • Sound sensor’s basic operation, i.e. That it can detect noise, such as clapping.

  • The implementation of the Function 2 feature - the basic operation principle is the same as for Function 1, i.e. it executes a specific block of code, shortens and organizes the main program (code) (more about Function 1 - see this article: Chapter 3 "Brave Friend"),

  • Learn how to search for and correct errors in the code.

  • Learn how to deactivate a teleport using the sound sensor.
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A teleport is a specific field on the robot's way. If your robot gets on such a field, it is taken back to the beginning of the path and the task won’t be completed. To close a teleport, you need to perform a specific action while you are on the deactivation field.

To deactivate a teleport, you need to use the sound sensor while you are in a specific field. Place the programming block representing the sound sensor in the appropriate place in your code, then all you need to do is make a loud noise (clap your hands) when the robot reaches the specified field.