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Chapter 6 "Prophecy"

Eli and the Photon Robot go down into an old mine. There, they find a guard who won't let them pass. To explore the mine they must keep hiding from him. At the end of the mining tunnel Eli and the Photon Robot find a plaque with a mysterious inscription. Under a thick layer of dust is an old prophecy.


1-4 – programming in the Photon™ Badge interface and using the recursion function.
5-6 – "The matching element" mini game.
7-9 – basic operation of the light sensor.
10, 12 – Continue learning how to program in the Photon™ Draw interface and deactivate a teleport by using the built-in light sensor.
11, 13-16 – programming in the Photon™ Badge interface and using functions.
17 – "Cloak of Invisibility" mini game..
18-19 – Continue learning how to program in the Photon™ Badge interface and use functions and recursion.
20 – "Matching modules" mini game

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What can you learn in this chapter?

  • Learn how to program more efficiently (shorter code) in Photon™ Draw and Photon™Badge interfaces, as well as how to use functions and recursion on a more advanced level.

  • Learn how the light sensor works - this sensor is located on the robot's head, next to the on/off button, and reacts to changes in the environment (light/darkness)

  • Learn how to deactivate teleports using a light sensor.

    Obszar roboczy 42 kopia 7 (1) A teleport is a specific field on the robot's path. If your robot gets on such a field, it is taken back to the beginning of the path – the task won’t be completed. To close the teleport that takes you to the beginning and enable completion of your program execution, you need to perform a specific action. 
    In your code, you need to incorporate the use of a light sensor while in the specific deactivation field. Place the programming block representing the light sensor in the appropriate place in your program. Then cover and uncover the light sensor with your hand when the robot reaches the specified field.