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Chapter 7 "Tomato farm"

After the dark cold mine, the Photon Robot and Eli are visiting a tomato farm. At the beginning of their journey someone new joins them – Fast Ed, who can run at incredible high speed. After a while, the three of them were at a crossroads. They could go one way or another. Fast Ed proves itself as a worthy companion. Quickly goes on a recon to explore their possibilities. Ed suggests that boxes of tomatoes on one of the paths and signs to a farm are a promise of great fun. As they reach the end of the tomato farm they see an airplane - ready for them to fly away. That’s sounds fun. In order to set off on a new adventure our little brave explorers need to find the right key to start the engine.



1, 4 – programming in the Photon™ Draw interface.
2-3 – programming in the Photon™ Badge interface and using functions.
5 – "Matching modules" mini game.
6-12 – introduction to the Photon™ Blocks interface and its basic functions. (8 – copying programming blocks. 9 – adding blocks to the main program by clicking on them in the side panel. 10 – dragging several blocks simultaneously. 11 – adding additional blocks to the main program. 12 – removing blocks).
13 – "Find the key“ mini game.
14-16 – creating basic programs in the Photon™ Blocks interface.
17-19 – introduction of the "Rotate by" block and ways of using it.
20 – "Tomato throwing" mini game.

image-20200603-091052 image-20200603-091107 image-20200521-114938

What can you learn in this chapter?

  • Create simple programs using the Photon™ Blocks interface.

  • The Photon™ Blocksinterface capabilities.

  • Explanation of individual blocks’ functions.