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Chapter 8 "Desert"

Photon Robot and Fast Ed fly the plane, but after a while they lose control over it and crash in the desert. They are not hurt, and their crash landing site appears to be near the famous pyramids. Curious as they are, they don’t want to lose such a great opportunity to see these magnificent buildings up close. Pyramids heavy gates open with ease, and the robot goes in. Little desert creatures, coming out of nowhere, start attacking Fast Ed and are forcing two friends to separate. As Fast Ed knows no fear, he defeats the creatures and releases free the robot from the pyramid.


1 – “Airplane” mini game.
2-13, 15-20 – programming using the Photon™ Blocks interface and introduction to new programming blocks and capabilities. (2 – the “Sound” block. 3 – color draw. 4 – the "Wait" block. 6 – the “Repeat” block. 8 – creating infinite loops. 12 – the "If" block. 15 – the “Break” block. 18 – the “If / If…Else" block).
14 – “The Great Escape” mini game.

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What can you learn in this chapter?

  • Learn how to used the “sound” blocks – after placing the sound block in the code, your robot will make the user selected sound.

  • Learn how to perform a random color draw – this option is in the side panel in the Change Color category. Click on the dice icon and then indicate several colors from which to draw.

  • Learn how to use the interaction programming instructions:

  1. “Wait” – using this block will cause the robot to wait for a specific sensor-based event, after that it will continue to execute further instructions in the program.

  2. “Repeat” – it is used to repeat for a specific number of times/indefinitely a part of the code in the program - this part of the code has to be placed in a block.

  3. “If”– if a specific condition (use of a sensor) placed in the block is met, the robot will execute this part of the program placed in the loop.

  4. "If / If… else” – depending on whether or not the condition is met, the robot will perform the other actions specified in each part of the loop.

  5. "Break” – stops execution of the code in the block. "Repeat".