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Chapter 9 "Mount Photonji"

After the exhausting desert adventures, the robot reaches the Mount Photonji. On a trip to the summit, our little robot visits an interesting ice cave and makes a new friend there. As usual, peace and quiet does not last forever when Photon starts an adventure, and these two new friends have to run away from the approaching avalanche. One unfortunate jump ends in a fall, and both, rolling down the slope, end up by a mysterious gate.


1-2 – Programming in the Photon™ Blocks interface.
3 – The "Matching modules" mini game.
4-5 – Introduction to the distance sensor principle of operation.
6-8 – Programming in the Photon™ Draw interface and the distance sensor implementation.
7, 9- 10 – Programming in the Photon™ Badge interface and the distance sensor implementation.
11-13 – Introductory experiments covering some basic measurement techniques using the distance sensor.
14-19 – Programming in the Photon™ Blocks interface.
20 – “Avalanche” mini game.

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What can you learn in this chapter?

  • Learn about the distance sensor principle of operation – this sensor is located on the robot’s body under a black front triangle. It allows the robot to detect obstacles and measure distance between them.

  • Learn how to deactivate a teleport using the distance sensor.


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    A teleport is a specific field on the robot's path. If your robot gets on such a field, it is taken back to the beginning of the path – the task (program) won’t complete. To close the teleport, you need to perform a specific action that deactivates the field.
    Obszar roboczy 42 (1)

    To deactivate the teleport, make use of the distance sensor. Place the programming block representing the distance sensor in the appropriate place in your program. When the robot reaches the teleport field, place your hand in front of your robot (to make sure it covers the black triangle with the sensor).