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“Color Checking”

Mini game in the Photon Robot app

sprawdzanie kolorów0

In the "Color Checking” mini game, Mother Hulda, who lives in a gingerbread house, puts the little robot to the test. To play this game and to indicate correct answers, you need to have your robot at hand – the touch sensor is required.

The key elements here are the paint containers for color mixing. The third container (on the right) is supposed to show the result of mixing colors from the first two containers (on the left). You need to tell if that is true. The countdown timer at the top of the screen shows the remaining time for your answer. You must provide your answer before the time ends. If you think the color showed in the third container is correct, simply place your hand on your robot's head. If it is incorrect, wait and do not touch it.

The number of remaining chances is displayed at the top of the screen. You lose one chance (heart) for each wrong answer. You only have three chances.