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"Color Mixing"

Mini game in the Photon Robot app

mieszanie kolorów0

In the "Colour Mixing” mini game, the robot helps Miklaks – friendly forest creatures – to paint their mushroom houses.

In the lower left part of the screen you have a color pallet with three available colors and a paint tank. On the right side of the screen you have three painting options: you can paint the whole mushroom house at once, just the roof, or just the walls. The last button, the paint splash icon, activates the spray painter.

In the speech balloon over the Miklak's head you have a graphic information about the colors and parts you need to paint. Miklaks may want you to use one of the three primary colors from the pallet, or a color that you need to create yourself by mixing the primary colors.

To create a new color, tap on relevant colors from the pallet and watch the paint tank.

If you mix wrong colors and you don’t get the required one, tap on the waste bin next to the paint tank to start again. The time limit for each task depends on the user’s profile – the user category assigned at the profile creation stage (junior, scout, expert).