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"Finding Crystals"

Mini game in the Photon Robot app

znajdź kryształy 10
In the "Finding Crystals” mini game, you need to follow the arrows to find a treasure.
The game board resembles a modified checkerboard, and the first thing you see on it is a toy – a rubber duck. The duck indicates your starting field. Look at arrows on the stone blocks below – they show you the way to the hidden gems. Starting with the rubber duck, follow the directions shown by the arrows on the game board. Make an informed guess and indicate where you think crystals or gems are hidden.

znajdż kryształy 20

The difficulty level increases with each round, as more arrows appear, or a second toy is put on the game board. In such cases, you need to find two crystals to complete the task.

You have a limited time to provide the correct answer. The time limit for each task depends on the user’s profile.