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"Jump across the river"

Mini game in the Photon Robot app


In the "Jump over the river” mini game the Photon Robot tries to get away from an evil shaman. Going across the river seems the only way to escape from the Shaman.

The rafts, stones and water lilies are there to hop on during the escape. The rafts are the safest, as you can stay on them the longest. You shouldn't stay on a stone too long, as after a while you slide into the water – that would end the game. The least stable are the water lilies, you can hop on but should leave as soon as possible. 

To make a jump, use the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The one on the left-hand side allows you to jump over one field, and the button on the right-hand side by two fields.

The game progress bar is at the top of the screen.