Photon Coding App

The Photon Coding app provides access to all fully unlocked programming interfaces: Photon Draw, Badge, Blocks, and Code. It also includes an extended mobile version of Scratch with Photon dedicated programming blocks. To use the Photon Robot as a remote controlled toy, use the Joystick interface. To configure the app use the settings panel launched from the upper right corner (more about the panel: Settings panel).


Programming interfaces:

Photon Draw

The simplest and most intuitive of all the programming interfaces. Use the freehand drawing feature to control the robot - simply slide your finger to create a path and drag the action elements onto it.


Photon Badge

In this interface you use icons (badges) to create a program. Simply drag them across. There many additional features not present in Photon Draw interface.

Photon Blocks

In this interface you use blocks (with instructions) to create a program. Put them in order, one after another, to control the robot's movement.

Photon Code

This interface is very similar to the Photon Blocks. They differ in the appearance of the blocks – here, instead of specific commands, you see parts of the code. Moreover, in the Photon Code interface you can use and edit variables.