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Repeat the program over and over again feature

1. To make use of this feature, go to the third category of blocks (robot’s head icon). Select “Repeat.” Drag it to your program in such a way that the previously arranged blocks appear inside of it.



2. The default setting for this block is 2 (Repeats). Click on the attached block (with the number 2) to open an additional menu.
3. Select the infinity icon (Run the program indefinitely until turned off).
4. Start your program using the “Play” button. The robot waits for a touch. Once detected, it will draw a random color. Touching the robot’s head again makes it draw the next color (without the need to restart the program).
5. This feature is extremely useful in activities where you want to use the robot to draw colors to divide children into several groups – children come up to the robot one by one and touch its head to draw a color.