Sensors and features of the Photon™ Robot

The robot has many built-in sensors to help you learn and play. These sensors and enclosed (inside the housing).

Czuniki2 Czujniki1
To see if the sensors are working properly, switch on your Photon™ Robot and connect to it. Then import the test profile (more about the import feature: Import/Export profiles in Photon™Robot app):

Screenshot_20200506_114439_com.meetphoton.PhotonRobot (2)

After you log in to your profile, open the store (yellow shopping cart in the upper right corner) and use the Sensor view mode switch (switch under the robot’s picture).

On this screen, you will find an overview of the sensors’ activity. Depending on which sensor you want to check, observe the real-time data streamed from the robot on the right side of the screen. For example: cover the light sensor with your hand (a tiny hole next to the power switch) – the word BRIGHT next to the first (1) sensor should change to DARK.