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The final game

Mini game in the Photon Robot app

gra finałowa0
The shaman blocked your way. The Photon Robot has nowhere to escape.
Your task in this game is to defeat the evil shaman and get to the tower. The control buttons on the panel are used to move the robot around the arena, but getting to the tower is tricky and challenging. The shaman will use his powers to set traps. For a brief moment before the shaman's trap becomes active, the dangerous field is marked with a special symbol. The more visible the color of the symbol, the less time to escape. You will also see warning signs around that trap fields - red illumination. Use the energy spheres that appear on the game board to fight off the shaman.
These spheres make the shaman weak. Your main task is to collect all the energy spheres while avoiding traps. You can track the remaining number of lives on the left-hand side of the game board.
Staying in the trap field results in the loss of one heart. The face masks underneath the hearts represent the remaining number of shaman's lives. Getting to each energy sphere deprives him of one life.
With each round, the difficulty level increases as one more robot appears on the game board. You must not allow them to stay too long on any of the trap fields.
Practice your observation skills and reflexes as these are essential in this game!