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Photon Edu app is a dedicated teachers’ and educator’s tool. It was designed to facilitate conducting classes at school. The interfaces and features available in the app are our lesson scenario specific. After selecting one of our lesson scenarios you will have access only to those features you need in the specific lesson, e.g., where only drive forward drive and red color are used then only these options are available in the interface. All you need to do is enter the graphic code (a set of icons) from your selected scenario. It is also possible to customize the interfaces for your own lesson scenarios, then save and share them with your students.

The lesson scenario code screen

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Upon entering the appropriate graphic code, you will see a dedicated interface. There are codes for each lesson scenario in the A, B, C stage lesson scenario sets (top of the page).

lesson plan

The Programming screen

If you scroll to the left from the Lesson scenario code screen you will see the Programming screen – it shows all available application interfaces. The Photon Robot dedicated Scratch interface is also available here.


The My lesson scenarios screen

If you scroll to the left from the Lesson scenario code screen you will see the My lesson scenarios screen. This is your control center to manage your personalized interfaces and create your own scenarios. The middle section lists your scenarios (interfaces prepared for a given scenario) and a button to create new scenarios. In the lower left corner you will see the Import button that allows you to load a lesson scenario created on another device.



How to download and launch the application?

1. Please connect to the Internet on your device (we recommend Wi-Fi) and go to an app store (Google Play or App Store, or any other appropriate for your device).
2. Search for the “Photon EDU” app and download it to your device.
3. The application is ready to use! Once launched, you will be invited to create an account. This step is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it! Having an account allows saving for later your personalized lesson plans and programming code. Having an account is helpful whenever you change your device or if it becomes damaged - your resources are safely stored on your account and always accessible.


Internet access is not required for everyday use of the Photon Robot. However, it is a good idea to connect to the Internet while using our app occasionally. This will allow your Photon Robot and app to update their software (whenever new version is released).


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