Photon Robot versions

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The Photon Robot comes in two versions, Home Edition and for Education. They do not differ in terms of appearance or technical specifications. The only difference is the control software and add-ons. 

How do I check my robot’s version?


Each robot has a sticker at the bottom with all the relevant information. There are 3 letters in the serial number (S/N) that indicate the robot’s version. The string “PHC” stands for Home Edition, while “PHE” represents the For Education version. 

The Differences

The Home Edition version is designed for individual learning of programming at home. It comes with a dedicated Photon Robot mobile app divided into several experience stages and lessons that guide the child step by step through the interfaces and capabilities of the robot. Additionally, this version of the robot allows using the Photon Coding app that unlocks to users all the robot’s features and functionality. This app allows you to freely create any programs (programming codes) not available in the main app.

The For Education version is dedicated to teachers to allow them working with larger groups of children. In this context, the Photon Robot plays the role of the teacher's assistant. The dedicated Photon Edu app offers the same options as the Photon Coding app, but has one important feature – it allows teachers to customize the view and options available to children in any programming interface, as required by a specific lesson scenario. This feature helps to control how children work and options they use during classroom activities. For example, if you want to teach children how to use only two selected programming blocks during a lesson, customize the selected programming interface by limiting its options to these two selected blocks and then share it with the users. It is also worth mentioning that the EDU version comes with a wide range of dedicated lesson plans that help teachers to conduct classes with the robot.

Under our Terms of Use, the Home Edition version is intended ONLY for home use and it cannot be introduced as a teaching aid in educational institutions.

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