Turning on, turning off, charging, and reseting

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Turning on

To turn on your Photon robot, press the power button on its head and hold it for 1 second (until you hear the beep).

Turning off

To prevent accidental switch off, for example during classes, you need to press the power button and hold it a little bit longer.

To turn off the robot, hold down the button for 2 seconds (until you hear the beep).



To charge your robot use the provided micro-USB cable. Power charger is not included in the set. You can charge your robot with any smartphone charger. You can also charge the robot directly from a USB port on your computer — but it will take longer.

Charging time: up to 3 hours

Working time on a fully charged battery: approx. 8 hours



Charging in progress…The robot has been fully charged!



During charging, robot's ears are flashing red. If you stop charging, it will not affect the operation of the robot in any way.

When the robot ears are blinking green, the charging process is complete and you can disconnect the charger.


IMPORTANT: During power surges or when the battery is fully discharged, the robot may enter into the safe mode, so the ears will turn off while charging, and the robot will not turn on. In this case, reset the robot.


If the Photon Robot does not respond to charging or fails to turn on, please reset it. Do this by pressing and holding the power button for more than 10 seconds. Sometimes it takes up to 20 seconds until the robot responds to a reset, so don't give up after your first failed attempt. The robot signals the reset with a sound signal and then turns on.


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