Interface: Photon Badge

Modified on Tue, 09 May 2023 at 03:47 PM

An interface where programming is based on arranging symbols into a logical sequence – directional arrows, colors, sounds, and sensors. 


1. Use the “Program” box to plan (code) the robot’s actions. The Photon Robot performs arranged actions always in the same order. There is a space for 10 actions.
2. When you click on an action category on the side menu (e.g., movement – directional arrow symbol), a list of available actions (instructions) appears. If you want to add an instruction to your program, click and drag it to the “Program” box.
3. If you want to remove an action from your program – just click on it. If you want to delete the entire program, and start over, click the eraser icon (top right corner of the “Program” box) or hold down the arrow button.


4. To run your program (make the robot perform arranged actions), click the orange “Play” button.
5. You can also decide how long is a single robot’s “step”, i.e., how far the robot travels in one move. The default value is 30 cm (one foot) – this is the length of one field on all our educational mats.
6. Whenever you create a program, you can save it for later use (for example, in your next class). This is also where you can load a previously saved program.


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