The Photon Robot app

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The main panel

Completion of the first seven lessons in the application unlocks the main panel. The main panel is your command center. From this window you can access all application features: Photon Robot’s store (internal), programming interfaces, mini games, chapters (lessons) and settings.

Initially, the options in the main panel are limited, e.g., the number of available colors, several mini games, etc. They become unlocked with each next experience level gained.

photon robot joystick_1 (1)


Use the joystick in the lower right corner to control the robot. Change the colors and select sounds while controlling your robot with the options on the left – the beacon light icon and music note icon.



The third icon from the top (on the left hand side of the main panel) opens a list of all available programming interfaces. Initially you will see only the Photon Draw, but when you move up in your app experience level after completion of the new worlds, new items will appear.



Tap the gamepad icon on the left to display all the mini games you have unlocked in the lesson plans. By launching them from here, you do not lose your Photon travel points.



Tap the bottom icon in the left hand side column on the main panel to display the chapters. You unlock the next chapter by completing lessons in the previous one.


In the lower right part of the main panel, next to the column with icons, there are two control bars. The top one is the robot's speed control slider (5). The bottom one is the robot’s energy level (6) – a dynamic indicator changing as the robot moves.

Robot management

The yellow shopping cart icon in the top right section of the main panel takes you to the robot's management screen. There are two preview modes - Statistics and Sensors - slide the switch underneath the robot to either side to change the view.

Screenshot_20200521_110147_com.meetphoton.PhotonRobot — kopia

Statistics and the store

This screen allows you to check your progress in the application, the number of washers and nuts collected, stars awarded in your lessons and the distance your robot drove during play. In the panel on the left, you can “buy” extra robot skills (exchange the washers and nuts collected).



Here you can buy improvements for your robot, i.e., more travel points, faster regeneration of travel points, etc.



Tap the beacon light icon to display additional colors you can buy. Purchased colors are available to you in the side panel of the main screen.



The music note icon opens up the screen with additional sounds. Anything that you exchange for you washers and nuts will become available to you in the side panel of the main screen.


Clothing and caps

Tap on the T-shirt icon in the lower right corner of the statistics screen to visit the virtual store with clothes and hats for your virtual version of the robot.


Sensor’s mode

By switching to the sensor's view mode, you get an overview of all the robot's built-in sensors with their real-time status. The sensor's view mode allows you to check whether all sensors are working properly.



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